Get Started on Crafting Your Own Stories that Matter

This page provides you with the tools you need to start crafting your own stories.  You can draw on material from your own life, from any research or analysis work you do. or from shear wild imagination.  Have fun and let me know how you get on.

Story Structure: An Introduction

Stories and storytelling are very hot right now.  Everyone is talking about story and many people are offering “story formulas” that they claim you just need to plug your material into and you will produce the perfect narrative.  ReStoryLab takes a “Tools not Rules” approach to the creative work of story-crafting.  Formulas, such as the “Hero’s Journey” can be useful if used consciously and in appropriate contexts.  The key word here is: conscious.  In this short video, I take you back to the basics of story-crafting.  These basics are all you need to start crafting your story.  Mastering these basics will also help you understand these formulas everyone is flogging and enable you to employ them in ways that empower your storytelling and supercharge your stories.

Connection Through Storytelling

The power of storytelling to connect people to each other and to the stories that matter is one of the main reasons to use it.  In this short video, I explore how storytelling connects people and connects people to stories and suggest some questions to work through when you are preparing to tell a story that matters.